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Molly is the greatest. I used her for a job search almost ten years ago, and she’s been my go-to gal on the inside ever since. Even though I haven’t needed to retain her for searches since then, she’s been a tremendous resource to me in negotiating my own salary and raises over the years, providing valuable industry insight and much-needed moral support. Because Molly truly cares about her clients, she gets to know you and what you need, and is able to provide personalized support for you throughout your career journey. <3
— Kim (Now the VP of People & Culture)

Molly (Coughlin) is THE best recruiter. I’ve worked with several others in the past and none of them came close to how personable Molly is. Molly truly cares about each candidate. She helped me perfect my resume, always called when she said she would and never tried to push any positions on me that I wasn’t interested in. Although Molly did not end up placing me in my dream job- she was an amazing mentor and help along the way. I definitely recommend Molly to help you with your search. I plan to stay connected with her as she is a great person to network with. She is awesome and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new job or looking for candidates!
— Rachel (Executive Assistant)

Meagan was incredibly helpful and attentive. I was living outside of the city and she made all of the necessary arrangements work - timing and travel. She took everything I said into consideration and found opportunities that merged my previous experience with my desires. All of the roles she presented to me were dynamic and exciting. Her support during my search, made things so easy. I am incredibly grateful for all of her support.
— Melissa (Executive Assistant)

I’m so grateful for Molly helping me get my foot in the door as an Executive Assistant in the Bay Area when I first moved here six years ago. Her effort, encouragement, and confidence really set the tone for my career here and I’ve always appreciated it.
— Catriona (Now HR Analyst)

I had the pleasure of working with Alexis during my job search in San Francisco. She is by far the most efficient and responsive recruiter I have encountered. She has an amazing use of judgment, really makes an effort to keep you informed as possible, and has great follow-up. She genuinely cares to forge a connection with someone, and that is what sets her apart! I highly recommend her for all your recruiting needs.
— Arishma (Executive Assistant)

Molly has been hands down the best recruiter I have worked with. From day one, she made me feel confident in my skills and helped me keep a positive attitude throughout my job search. I know down the line I will be giving her a call. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a new opportunity to reach out to her!
— Emily (Executive Assistant)
Molly is the cream of the crop when it comes to recruiters. She truly cares about your well-being and works hard to bring you the type of positions that are best suited for your success. She acts not only as a recruiter but a friend who makes sure you are positioned for the best.
— Angela (Executive Assistant)